Saturday, 1 October 2011


An appeal from Stop the War Coalition.

The war in Libya will soon have cost the UK two billion pounds. We were told at the start of the NATO intervention that the cost to Britain would be "tens, not hundreds of millions". The war is in its seventh month and British planes have flown around one in five of all the bombing raids on the country, destroying or damaging more than 900 sites. The £2 billion spent on Libya comes on top of £5 billion a year on the war in Afghanistan and the £2 billion a year spent maintaining the Trident nuclear missile system.

Just as we're being told there is no alternative to deep cuts in the NHS, in disability allowances, pensions, and every area of the public services, £9 billion is being spent on two wars opposed by the majority of the British public, and on maintaining the militarily pointless Trident system. Britain is facing its worst economic crisis since the 1930s, but David Cameron in his speech last week to the United Nations, called for yet more war, adopting from Tony Blair the justification of "humanitarian intervention" for western powers to wage war wherever they please. (SEE:

It will be the main purpose of the Antiwar Mass Assembly on 8 October (SEE HERE)
mobilise as big a display of popular opposition as possible to this government's policy of spending billions on wars abroad while waging a war at home to cut billions from our public services.

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