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The Odd Folk (new album!) by Morgan Val Baker PLEASE DONATE

We are making our second album, it feels like having second child, we're ready to nurse it and nurture it and then you can babysit!
Hello, we are The Odd Folk, a quintet of ramshackle musicians from the far west of Cornwall (although our drummers a Grimsby man with Cornish adoption pending!) We play folk music and we have always been a little odd. We use ironing boards as keyboard stands, branches as mic stands and all pile into an old Renault 4 and drive around the country playing music and getting lost. We're been carrying our debut album, The Sweet Release, around with us for the last couple of years and as well as most of our friends and fans having a copy we're actually running very low on stock! We've long been scratching our heads on how on earth we were going to fund another 'baby' when we stumbled on this sweet medium! We're so pleased to able to offer rewards to our fans as a way of saying thank you, and all of the prises will be created with as much love as we can muster.

We are really honoured to be able to work with Andy Bell, a sound engineer with a CV as long as your leg; who's worked with many greats from the folk circuit including Bellowhead, Eliza Carthy and Seasick Steve to namedrop but a few! Being a mobile sound engineer ables him to travel wherever we want him, and so we're choosing Belan Hall, an old shooting lodge in the middle of Wales, where we sometimes go to rehearse and have creative lockdown.

Belan Hall
Belan Hall
We will also be working closely with our designer, Mae Voogd, to make the album cover and all the posters and T-Shirts to go with it. She's drawn the band a number of times but one of the rewards is for you to join us on the launch poster! All you'll have to do is submit a photo and you can hop onto the page with us.

The band as drawn by Mae Voogd.
The band as drawn by Mae Voogd.
The T-Shirts will also be designed by Mae Voogd and for this reward you will need to submit your size preference and colour preference.
At the minute the leading candidate is...

The figure we are after is £5000, which seems like a lot of money but in reality is just about scraping the barrel. And no, we're not going to do a runner to The Caribbean! The list below will give you an idea of what we need and what's involved in making an album.

The Sound Man - this is the main component, this includes all tracking, editing, mixing and producing of the album!
The Duplication - this is the where we get numbers, for instance 1000 copies to be released.
The Design - this involves all the album artwork, storyboarding the sleeves and booklets, and drawing up the posters.
T-Shirts - for your new frocks!
Photographs - for your mantlepieces!
Postage and Packaging - wherever you are the postman will come and deliver your rewards to you!
We look forward to working with you!
Morgan Val Baker
Sam Brookes
Shelley Macphail
Oscar Bloomfield-Crowe
Andy Watson

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There is many risks and challenges ahead for us, most notably that we will fail to raise the required amount and the project fails. This is will be most unpleasant and will mean that all of the money raised thus far will be returned to it's lender as this is an all of nothing vehicle.
Another challenge we might face is that Belan Hall is under such heavy snow that we will not be able to get there. If this is the case we will scratch our stubble and agree on an equally creative (though less remote) place to record.
Another challenge we could face is that we don't receive any bookings for festivals, which although unlikely, could happen, as at this stage we only have it in 'word' and not 'writing'. If this is the case and we fail to agree on any festivals the THE FESTIVAL prise will be refunded to the sum of £300 and the THE VIP will be offered as a makeweight.
The final challenge will be staying fit and healthy and creative, if for any reason a release date is pushed back we will give you ample warning and communicate throughout.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.
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