Monday, 17 October 2011

RSO: Rick Simpson Oil is The Cure - CANCER and LUPUS

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This incredibly brave women who was reached out by strangers, given days to live. Speaks out on her experience RSO: Rick Simpson Oil. Out of the 12 tumors on Her spine 9 have been eliminated and she is down to 4 which continue to shrink. She has regained her life back because since taking RSO her LUPUS symptoms have gone. She feels more alive now and has more energy than she has had in the last 2 decades. Please share this video with your loved ones and spread the truth.

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Elizabeth warren said...

This is so great am alive to testify the good work of hemp oil and it's miracle healing.

In April 10th 2016 i was diagnosed of breast cancer and bone cancer when the doctor told me it was already too late for me, that i have only ten month's on earth to live. I shared tear's and all hope was gone thinking that i will just sleep and go just like that.

My mom came to visit me in Serbia two month's later and bought me some hemp oil product saying that it work's well on cancer, ever since she told me about the benefit's and encourage me to use the medication. I have been on treatment for the past 4 months now which was the required treatment plan for me.
Last week, I went to hospital to do my test and to God be the glory my cancer was not found there anymore. I have been cured with Rick Simpson hemp oil which my mother had bought for me.

My family is forever grateful to Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil.

Last week my mom gave me his email which i contacted him in person and thank him for the life saving. Below information.