Monday, 24 October 2011

Politics - A Paedophile's Paradise

This was this morning's email from Gordon Logan writing in Beijing.

Hi Tap,

I googled 'northern ireland' Whitelaw paedophile' and found some relevant hits. It's quite well known.

Willie Whitelaw

He may well have been involved in the Northern Ireland children's home scandal. He certainly didn't look normal on TV. Heath was another one. Gross sexual abnormality is a big plus on the CV of British politicians. They're used to push major controversial decisions. Excellent traitors. Very pliable. It used to be referred to as 'lack of moral fibre'.

Winston Churchill

Churchill was another one according to T. Stokes, who worked for MI5. He used to spend a lot of money in Morocco.

Local Government Officials

If you do a search for paedophilia on this site, there's a lot of it in local government.

Also here

And here.

Edward Heath

You have no doubt heard of the Haut de la Garenne scandal on the Channel Islands. They found the bones of a child that had been 'snuffed'. Heath used to go there on Morning Cloud. Jimmy Saville used to deliver boys at Broadstairs.

Tony Blair

The ones at the top were protected by Blair when Operation Ore hit Westminster. Google 'operation ore' 'cover up' Blair. Blair's governments were packed with perverts, like himself.

Paedophilia to become legal

Paedophiles are the next group of 'persecuted victims' that will become untouchable. Sociologists will refer to criticism of paedophiles as ignorant 'moral panic' and the public will be silenced with new diversity legislation, which all three parties will miraculously support, because they are all managed from behind the scenes. After that, with the poverty that is resulting from the Rothschilds' bailouts, parents will be expected to sell their children into prostitution, as in Thailand, so that progressive politicians like Peter Mandelson can get their hands on them.

Best regards,


TAP - horrible topic, but one which explains why our top politicians have mostly been traitors, bar a very few.

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