Sunday, 23 October 2011

THE ASSASSIN - Derren Brown sponsored by Sirhan Sirhan's defense team?

carefully select the most gullible (or accommodatingly suggestible) person from a studio audience of a hundred or so people and train THAT PERSON to be a bullseye assassin and kill Stephen Fry, on command.

"Couldn't happen," so say the US government.

Erm, just watched DERREN BROWN: THE EXPERIMENTS, 1 and unless everything this mind-manipulator does is TV-fakery, Sirhan Sirhan should be skipping his fifteenth parole hearing and slipping on his slippers as he drinks Budweiser and watches American Gladiator with his fellow free Americans from the comfort of his family home, come Sunday.

Now, imagine a country-wide search through 200,000,000 Americans for 'the most gullible or suggestible person' and the resources of a Military Industrial Complex to train their Manchurian Candidate?

Derren Brown's a faker, right? He didn't just ACHIEVE that experiment, did he? Seriously.

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