Saturday, 29 October 2011

So Long Elenin


The comet Elenin, long associated with doomsday prophecies concerning its eventual impact on the Earth has had its last curtain call, or the gravitational influence it would have when passing the planet--causing earthquakes and tidal forces, had its last curtain call.

As Elenin's trajectory neared our star system, it's mass was broken up by the overwhelming force of the Sun, and on Saturday astronomers were able to see its dusted remains as the comet broke up and the trajectory of its disintegration trailed off into space.

Though Elenin turned out not to be the celestial body that ended life as we know it on Earth, it does heighten the fears of a threat from above, while also showing the amazing defense system in place within our galaxy with larger celestial bodies like the Sun and Jupiter who's gravitational mass acts as a cosmic goalie, helping to rid meteor, comet, and asteroid threats.

There have long been associations with the comet being the mythical rogue planet Nibiru, or Marduk, according to the theories of Panspermia and scientists and scholars like Francis Crick and Zecharia Sitchin. So long, and goodbye Elenin, and thank you for breaking up so we can return our concentration back on Earth where we already have our hands full with our own cataclysmic behavior.

"Elenin..." by holyforchrist777 on Flickr, courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.

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