Saturday, 29 October 2011

Make Fun, Not War


Have you been showing up to your local Occupation in solidarity a few times a week, but would like to do something more to fight corporate crime directly that doesn’t involve sleeping on the streets in the rain? The Yes Lab has created just this opportunity, reminding us that creativity and good spirited humor are truly revolutionary.

The Yes Lab is the brainchild of The Yes Men--clever pranksters who organize direct actions that are both powerful and hilarious. The Yes Lab’s tactic of “Laughtivist” action employs humor to open minds, spread ideas and change the world. The Yes Lab’s actions give a necessary edge back to nonviolent action by using spectacle to cause a ripple of change in our social fabric.

The Yes Lab’s actions range from impersonations, hoaxes and jokes, to general pokes and teases— from gentle to jarring. The latest action “Become Best Friends Forever (BFFs) with a banker” invites anyone to try to get closer to an individual of the 1% who has left the rest of us with their mess and their debts. Visit to find a database The Yes Lab has compiled of the 1%, who you can then try to contact. Choose your new BFF from a list of executives from Bank of America, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and more. The idea is to expose, in an entertaining manner, something about your new BFF’s inhumane, damaging practices in a mocking but effective way.

Become a pen pal with a CEO, sending your thoughts to them directly. Else, more imaginative ways to interact with your new BFF include paying them a visit while wearing ridiculous costumes, giving them an award, counseling them, or surprise meeting them at a luncheon. The Yes Lab reminds us not to harass or threaten these corporate oligarchs, but to be funny, peaceful and nonviolent—like all good BFFs are. The funniest pranks will be rewarded with a prize, and surely a good time.

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