Friday, 21 October 2011

Gaddafi. An Alternative View From An Ex-British Spy.

This is what I've written on Gaddafi.

Gaddafi is dead according to the BBC, which tends to lie in its teeth on important political matters. The BBC viewers and
listeners have already written upwards of 500 comments on Gaddafi's death, most of them as ignorant as the stuff that the BBC
has been feeding them all their lives. The comments on the BBC website are full of references to Lockerbie and the shooting of
Yvonne Fletcher, both of which were NATO black ops - like the 9/11 and 7/7 atrocities - committed to keep the Israelis and the
Rothschilds happy. Gaddafi had nothing to do with the notorious East Berlin disco bombing either, which was the work of Mossad.

We are now well into the Orwellian age of huge lies, which it is fair to say began in 1984 with the shooting of Policewoman
Fletcher and MI6's farcical attempt to get the IRA to kill Mrs. Thatcher at Brighton. A gaggle of freemasons, led by the
paedophile Willie Whitelaw, scurried in their dressing gowns to the Grand Hotel to view Mrs Thatcher's corpse and were horrified
to see the obstinate 'Iron Lady' walk out of the rubble covered in brick dust.

Fittingly in the Orwellian world, MI6's attempts to kill Gaddafi - later proved by Shayler and a leaked CX document - persuaded
the Colonel to see reason and take the blame for the crimes that his very accusers had committed. That is realpolitiik. Understand
it, because that is the way the world works. That he was financing the IRA at a time when it was being used by MI6 and
Whitelaw to kill the British Prime Minister, indicates that Gaddafi was forced into behind the scenes compromises. He also
agreed to harbour the notorious international terrorist Abu Nidal, who turned out to be a Mossad agent.

In fact, Gadaffi was a hero who lived for much of his life under the threat of death because he preferred not to listen to the
'international community'. Libya was not a country where the international bankers' writ was allowed to run. He even wrote a
'Green Book', which was a blueprint for life without international bankers. Unlike the British government, Libya had a lot of money in the bank and no external debts. The Libyan banks handed out interest free loans in accordance with sharia law. Libyans were sheltered from the international energy scam and had access to very
cheap electricity and petrol. Water, formerly rare in Libya, was provided by a remarkable underground river that Gaddafi built
from the Sahara aquifers.

Unfortunately, it took an obstinate and courageous dictator to ensure these unusual privileges. A lesser
man would, like David Cameron and his predecessors, have got his country into debt, racked up energy prices and sent their
soldiers off to the Iraq and Afghanistan butcheries. As it was, Gaddafi was forced to put up with many attempts to kill him by
NATO sponsored terrorists like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group of Abdel 'Hack 'em' Belhadj.

After taking delivery of Belhadj from the Americans and torturing him at the request of the 'international community', the tyrant
allowed him and the other terrorists out of prison in 2010, after they had signed undertakings to go home and behave
themselves. Instead they went home and took delivery of large consignments of weapons that NATO had smuggled over the
Egyptian border and proceeded to mount a putsch in Benghazi under NATO air cover. The Tyrant's mistake was that he didn't
keep the terrorists in prison or shoot them, which is what they did to him yesterday and will no doubt do to the rest of his family,
following the example of David Cameron, who killed three of Gaddafi's grandchildren in April.

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Thanks for that, Gordon. I wonder if the newsroom end of Gaddafi means the next war is starting, just as the newsroom end of Osama Bin Laden meant the start of Libya. Alex Jones on thinks Iran is game on from here.

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