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WAR, WAR, WAR and More WAR.
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They say the revolution won't be televised,
But cameras in the court to see the rioters rise,
Cameron's first thought was army in the streets,
Phone-hacking scandal we forgot about the police,
Forgot about Smiley, IPCC,
Sean Rigg, Ricky Bishop, the story was the same,
Over 400 in a decade and we call our country great,
Breivik is described as brave or depraved but the truth is he is just another way,
To express the blatant ways that we hate,
Describe the perpetrator this way without a shred of evidence,
Evident, that our judgement is based on his race,
What if the victims were Muslims and the lone gunman wore a uniform, would it be less scary?
What if the militant really was our military,
What if, why are we asking when it is...
In Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya it's sick,
India, Palestine, or where the hate is?
Home is where the heart is, but my heart is restless,
My friends are on trial while we pay the world a death wish,
Yes, we have political prisoners too,
Dragged from their beds by the red, white and blue,
They stood up for Gaza, the police pushed harder,
We were left back like we didn't have an answer,
Students in Millbank, government think-tank,
More arrests, no more political protest,
When we're on TV, cut us till they bleed me,
EDL leader, lenient cos they need her,
To fuel the atmosphere of fear that legitimatises,
Colonialism under a different guise,
Hardly disguised, discussed or discursive,
But where definitely disgraceful, despicable and hurt is,
Murdoch murders the truth with his headlines,
Foam can't wash away the blood from his red eyes,
Hungry for money, hungry for power,
So Tony Blair flew around the world for one hour,
I'm feeling hungry, I haven't eaten dinner,
I lost my appetite, I can't stomach it,
The lies are so bait but the media will publish it,
But the real criminals are getting paid great,
And it's the real violence that we celebrate,
We only see history written by the winners,
Glorify murderers, dehumanise resistance,
You won't make a Windfall off my ideas,
By attempting to exacarbate fears,
Bully and deceive, your lies became clear,
You tried to change the bars, but the facade disappeared,
If you take our freedom we take it back,
Give Picot a pen and he'll draw a map,
Now the people say give our borders back,
Don't take orders from the hoards of Lords,
But I fight with a pen and I write with a sword,
And the masses are massing at borders you taught,
Cos you can't draw order from Egypt to Jordan,
No normality on land that is stolen,
The U.S. is us, it is not rael,
Empire on the run but we catch your tail,
And the war is not fun when the soldiers set sail,
Cos the sun will set, and many will fail,
Many will fall at the hand of it all,
Never hidden it is bait we are trained to be tools,
Chess pieces on a black and white board I am bored of,
War, war, more war and then torture,
Lives are lost at the hand of the law,
The land of the law, or the blade of a saw?,
Or the chain that will rust in the reign of the Kingdom,
We will never unite on the right to be killing them.

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