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Economic Warfare 101 for the Masses

An updated primer on Economic Warfare for ordinary people to use against The Powers that Be.

Philip Brennan | | 6 October 2011:

I am writing this post as a simple guide for the ordinary man and woman on the street – this is not going to be an in-depth discussion or paper on Economic Warfare that you might find in a dusty University library somewhere, but a practical guide giving practical steps that anyone can use to hit back at our Criminal Governments and the Banking Mafia where it hurts – in their pockets.

The first step in Economic Warfare for the Masses is possibly the hardest, and is something to be worked towards slowly as you do all the other things – pay off or repudiate all your debts. The biggest power that both governments and corporations weld over us is debt. Debt is the great controller of the masses, as it is because of debt that people find themselves trapped in jobs which make other people rich instead of going off to do their own thing to make themselves comfortable and well off in life.

If you believe that your debts were fraudulently put upon you, which with fractional reserve banking is a very strong legal possibility, repudiate them. In mortgages collateral is secured against the principle in order for it to be lawful. The collateral you put up for that mortgage, the house you were buying, exists and can be drawn upon to pay off the debt. The Principle, however, has no collateral with which the bank can draw upon because it was invented out of thin air as you signed the dotted line on the mortgage papers, so cannot be considered as lawful collateral with regards to the creation of the Principle. The money that they have loaned you is fraudulent. Ergo, the debt (mortgage) is also fraudulent. You have put up Lawful collateral on the Principle but they have not.

Credit card debt is also fraudulent upon the card issuers part, as the money only comes into existence the moment you draw upon it – there is no gold or silver backing up that loan, no collateral, ergo, the loan is fraudulent upon the Credit card issuers part. Ergo, you have no lawful requirement to pay that fraudulent loan back. It can be lawfully repudiated.

Having no overdrafts is also a good idea, so paying them off as soon as is humanly possible is a priority.

Now for the easier stuff. While you are getting yourself out of debt there are several other lawful things you can do to make life unpleasant for the Banking Mafia. The first thing is to invest in a home safe / deposit box – you should have one already for your birth certificates and other legal documents – one that is fire proof for up to an hour. You have not got one? Well, you had better get one.

As you get paid each month take out almost all your money apart from that which you need to pay direct debits with and put it in that safe. While your money is in the bank the Banking Mafia are making money loaning that money out whether or not they decide to pay you any interest upon your account. Also, that money is loaned out in such a way as to again be fraudulent through Fractional Reserve Banking. While that money is in hard cash, either in your wallet or in your home safe / deposit box, the Banking Mafia cannot use it. Money in your hand is worth NOTHING to them.

If you do not like having lots of cash in the house there is no reason why you cannot take what you don’t use at the end of each month and putting it into silver coins. They also take up less room in your home safe and hold their value much better than cash does. Or join a local Credit Union if you have one.

Mass boycotts also work if you can sell the idea to enough people. Coca-Cola is a good one to boycott for two reasons: 1. Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve Bank has a major stake in it and 2. it is the weakest company in the NYSE top 100. If enough of you boycott Coca-Cola for long enough there is a fair chance that its share price will drop 10% or more – once this happens the short sellers will then be short-selling the hell out of it, and then its value will drop even further. This will hurt the likes of Ben Bernanke in their own pockets. Get the bastards where it really hurts.

Join in with like minded individuals and rent out land to grow your own vegetables on. In the UK we still have some allotments. Or if you have a large back yard turn half of it over to food production. While times are good you can save yourself some money with nice fresh home-grown vegetables, and in the hard times at least you won’t starve. Also, start supporting the little guys and move as much money away from the supermarket giants as you can – corner stores, farmers markets, co-operatives are all good sources of food and the money stays within the local community and not in the pockets of major share holders. Finally, only buy what you need on a weekly or daily basis. People waste so much food because they buy far too much during their monthly shops and it goes off before they get to use it. Also, some of the best fresh meat I have seen locally comes from my local Halal store, and not from Tescos or ASDA-Walmart. You can get just the right amount for your needs from them, and their beef and lamb is usually very lean – more so than I have seen in a lot of supermarkets. So they don’t sell bacon? That’s what your local corner shop is for.

Start buying local again wherever you can. This might mean eating food in season rather than relying upon exported foods. Here in the UK we still produce 60% of our own food, but that is still not enough for real food security. We need to be producing at least 80% of our own food before we can say that our food supply is secure should something really bad happens – like a war or drought that prevents us importing food from abroad.

The basic idea is to starve the mega-corporations from as much money as you possibly can, and to keep that money circulating within your local community. This will eventually create more jobs in your local communities as well, as if there is suddenly a demand for a local green-grocers selling fresh local produce in your area, some bright spark will do it. That bright spark could be you.

The final part of our Economic Warfare against the governments, mega-corporations and the Banking Mafia is to break consumerist habits. Do you really need the latest iPhone or Android device? Do you really need that foreign holiday? Do you really need such an extensive wardrobe? Do you have to buy loads of cheap tacky shit from China and the Far East?

Meanwhile it is time to go up against the Banking Mafia and our Criminal Governments up close and personal – the time for sitting down and bitching about how badly we’re being screwed over is done. Those of you in America reading this already know about the “Occupy” protests in the US. Here in the UK we’re starting them too. Occupy Manchester is already live. Occupy the London Stock Exchange starts on the 15 of October. There are already many “Occupy” protests all over the European Union and United States to join in with or support – Madrid in Spain, Athens in Greece, Paris in France, Boston, Phoenix, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and others in the United States.

It is time we started fighting back against our Criminal Governments and the Banking Mafia.

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