Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Occupy Yourself

There is a window of opportunity with the momentum of the occupy “this” protests popping up everywhere and building gaining support from diverse places. Now is the time that a general strike will be most effective and embrace the emerging spirit of resolve building amongst the people at long last. Plenty of people are willing to leave the security of their homes and engage in indefinite non violent rebellion on the streets. Shouldn’t it stand that even more would be willing to do the same in their own homes in solidarity with those brave souls that have taken to the streets in an effort to free us all from the clutches of this greedy evil machine?

No more one day strikes and protests, no more just doing this once a month. We are here to stay It’s time to gather all the fortitude that can be mustered and start “occupy yourself” and not relent until this beast falls once and for all.

There is a window of opportunity in which this will resonate with the people and it can be built upon the growing momentum of the ongoing actions adding enough fuel to the fire in which the overlords will be powerless to extinguish. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their world. The larger numbers join in, the harder and faster this scourge upon our world will be crushed. Time is of the essence. Unending resolve will be what ends this.

With the provocateurs lashing out in a pointless exercise to crush the growing spirit of rebellion, an ever present and growing “stealth” aspect to this which cannot be provoked with pepper spray or anything else for that matter, will add unmeasurable strength to the overall effort to free the people from the clutches of the corrupt. As the visible side grows so does the support in the shadows that cannot be touched. The effects will be felt. We finally can shut them down by attacking their monetary base.

Everyone needs to sacrifice to make this happen. This is certainly not what everyone wants to hear. Unfortunately freeing the people and restoring liberty comes at a price. Many times before that was paid in blood. If we act now in unity and resolve we can mitigate, maybe even eliminate that heavy price paid by blood. The more we come together and fight this crisis the less blood that will need to be spilled. What we lose by inaction is so much greater than anything we do without for a time. It’s time to whack this mole with every available hammer and in a way where it turns them against their own public opinion. Why not let them help us win the hearts and the minds? So far it’s working wonders. My hats off to all those that have been attacked and stood strong not sinking to the infantile level of behavior shown by the oppressors. It’s make or bake time.

This should have escalated to this some time ago but it’s okay because NOW the world is as ready as it’s ever going to get for an indefinite strike. It may well be outside the comfort zone for some to call for this and be this aggressive but I can say the same about the occupy everything protesters out on the streets. Also, we don’t need to discourage people from doing that. The visibility helps. Support it. We add an alternative for the stay at home people to occupy themselves. Add an additional front to the gathering collective effort. Time for resolve is now, victory is at hand.

It’s time to stop supporting these greedy megacorporations which by their very profit models seek to slowly devour us. Spend a little extra money to do business with the small locally owned enterprises.

It’s long past time to be watching anything this bought and paid for corporate controlled media has to offer. Let them sit there and spin their propaganda to themselves. The rest of us are over this entire lie to the public about everything. What was supposed to be the watchdog for corruption, such as is rampant everywhere, has become the drooling lap dog of the corrupt. They can only continue to exist in this form if we let them.

Pull your children out of the slave indoctrination centers called public schools. We no longer consent to having our children lied to and poisoned against the principles that made this nation great long ago. By going along with this we enable them to wage their psychological war upon the innocent minds of our children. This is something I find wholly unacceptable. And whatever you do, don’t let them force these vaccines unto your families. No matter how much they fear monger about pandemics and the like, realize that they’ve lied about this before. Do your homework. They don’t know how to tell the truth. In their business models truth is not profitable.

Stop using commercial air travel. The TSA is yet another fraudulent abuse of public trust for the sake of profit. The security industrial complex paints we the people as the enemy and gets us to go along with it to protect us from ourselves… It just keeps getting more ridiculous. If security is such a concern why not secure that southern border? It’s all a farce.

Move your money out of all these “too big to fail” banks and into smaller community credit unions.

Stay home from work if you can. Our first priority it to ensure the health and safety of our families, but right after that we must do everything in our collective power to bring down the machine that seeks our ruin at their profit. It is necessary for all of our families collective future for this to be stopped as quickly and decisively as possible.

When the world sees that we the people are pulling out and no longer willing to go along with the abuse the foreign investors will pull their support and further collapse this mess into the crater it so richly deserves.

Each and every one of you out there have it in your power to “occupy yourself” and be part of a quickly growing movement to end the powers that shouldn’t be.

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