Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pensioner Protest - Chemtrails

From 11am to 4pm on Wednesday the 29th of September 65 year old Breda Murphy will be chained to the gates of the Dáil (parliament) in Dublin. Her protest has been provoked by the on-going aerial spraying being conducted over much of Ireland.

Several governments across the planet have been spraying their civilian populations with different (often harmful) biological and chemical agents since the 1940s. The British Government has even admitted to some of these so-called ‘tests’.

One of the most common techniques in use today is that of civilian airliners being employed to carry out the spraying. Such airliners can be identified by what appears at first glance to be additional exhaust trails. However, the abnormal additional trails emanate from locations on the plane other than the engines.

The abnormal trails also take much longer to dissipate than regular condensation trails (contrails) left by jet engines. Concerned observers have dubbed these abnormal trails, chemtrails. When intensive spraying is being carried out (over cities for instance), the lingering chemtrails often result in criss-crossed patterns in the sky.

Chemtrails are suspected to cause a multitude of health problems ranging from nose bleeds to respiratory ailments.

Breda Murphy has lived in the town of Kildare for much of her life. So when around the 14th of June this year an intensive program of aerial spraying over Kildare began, she noticed almost immediately. She even witnessed large black helicopters spraying the town. Within days of the commencement of the spraying she, and many of her neighbours, started experiencing severe adverse health effects. These included nose bleeds, migraines and serious respiratory complaints.


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