Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Prop 19 - the Hidden Agenda pt2

...pt1 (where we find Monsanto's Grubby Hands pulling the Prop 19 strings via the Drug Policy Alliance) HERE...

...pt2 Meet Dr Frankenbeanstein...

Are your expensive Dutch female seeds hard to clone, or when you try to breed them, all you get are hermaphrodites?

Thank Dr Frankenbeanstein, aka the Skunkman, real name David Watson.

A bit of history:
At a 1997 Vancouver Hemp conference, Watson spoke of his research. His main focus was to stop growers from cloning nor being able to create any seeds, from strains being bred in Amsterdam. The funding for this research came partially from the Dutch Government, the rest from DEA. Watson had been busted for growing in Santa Cruz California 3-20-85 and resurfaced in Amsterdam to start his seed company Cultivator’s Choice. DEA supported the Skunkman’s application for a license to grow for research in Holland, even though they should have been extraditing him back to Cali for his 1985 in Santa Cruz grow bust! DEA endorsement was so strong that he was the first to be granted a permit in Holland when several universities and domestic research groups with PHD’s and legitimate reasons for research were denied! The Dutch government even supplied three greenhouses for Dr. Frankenbeanstein to do his heinous experiments, while normal Dutch growers lost all their equipment and had to serve murder-like sentences at that time! Dutch seed companies have become the Monsanto of the cannabis seed industry, and hope to make us all seed junkies at $20 a seed.!

The license gave Hortapharm/Skunkman/DEA control over what researchers are allowed access to pedigreed seeds of predictable quality! The object is to patent up every possible combination of cannabinoids and terpenes with efficacy for every possible disease they can treat, and every possible genetic sequence! Once ready to make the move, they will shut down every medical cannabis grower for patent fraud, and those they can’t will be run out when they produce a more effective product for significantly less than $250 an ounce the growers are getting! The Skunkman’s company Hortapharm, is the only private organization approved by the Drug Enforcement Agency to supply genetics to researchers to this day!

Dr Frankenbeanstein threatened Skunk magazine to have all Dutch advertizing cancelled, which amount to 60% of their revenue, after printing part one of this article! This is the complete article. Skunk, High Times, Cannabis Culture, Weed-World in reality are trade pamphlets, that support the continuing rip off of our cannabis community by Hortapharm/GW Pharm/DEA, and the Dutch Cannabis Industry.

The one beacon of truth telling is Treating yourself magazine in our community. My only claim to fame being that I have always been a general in Lord Shiva’s Ganja Army. Bom Shiva Bom Shankar Joe Pietri

King of Nepal


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