Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sheppard's Funky Skank

...roll up that Budd 'n' stuff that Popcorn, with a feeling - it's Sheppard on the decks, back with more of that double-dipped funky skank sound from vinyl utopia...

...Side 1
Get James Carter-Brown - Roy Budd/Last Poets
Popcorn with a Feeling - James Brown
Grits & Gravy - the Fame Gang
Bad Luck - Hank Carbo
I Don't Dig No Phony pts 1&2 - Moody Scott
No Answer - Ikebe Shakedown
Love Jah - Cedric 'Im' Brooks
Mushroom - Johnny Osbourne
Acid Rock - the Funkees
Crumbs from the Table - the Young Disciples & Co
You're Starting Too Fast - Johnny Pate
Tighten Up - the Bamboos
If It's Good To Ya (It's Good For Ya) - Eddie Bo
Sinners Where are You Going to Hide - Justin Hinds
Get Up Edina - Desmond Dekker
Shame and Scandal - the Wailers
Machine Shop - Don Drummond
Speakin' of Spokes - the Lovin' Spoonful
Funky Chicken - the Dynamic Concepts
Oily - Juggy
I'm a Carpenter - David Robinson
Turn Your Children Loose - the Fame Gang
Mother Popcorn - Dillard Crome & the Soul Rollers
Chant to Mother Earth - BLO

Side A
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown
Solar Level - Johnny Almond Music Machine
Liberation Conversation - Marlena Shaw
You Got It All - the Blenders Ltd
Immigrants Song - Wekner Krupski
Popcorn Willy - King Curtis
Sakatumbe - the African Brothers
the Lama - Jah Lloyd
Stop That Train - Keith & Tex
Problems - Desmond Dekker
the Whip - Ethiopians
Cissy Strut 'n' American Woman - the Willard Posey Reunion
I Don't Understand It - Ice Water Slim & the Fourth Floor
Dap Walk - Ernie & the Topnotes Inc
Rap It Together - Detroit Sex Machines
Pegasus - Mike Vickers
Pepsi - Mohawks
Rose - 50ft Hose
La Da Da - Dynamic Concept
Tighten Up - the Untouchables
Don't Call Me Daddy - Derrik Morgan
Girlstown Ska - Skatalites
Hurry To Me - Roy Budd


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