Sunday, 5 September 2010

Run Tony, Run

RTWEthepeople | 04 September 2010

Tony Blair comes to Dublin to sign copies of his memoirs. On one side of Easons, people patiently wait in the rain to meet the former Prime Minister of Britain. On the other side of Easons, people have gathered in protest to his presence, in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of victims of the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

RTWEthepeople is not affiliated with the SWP, Éirigí or any other political movement, but agrees wholeheartedly that Tony Blair has blood on his hands and is guilty of war crimes.

We the people need our Gardaí to uphold and protect the peace. On this day, there were complaints made against Tony Blair and members of An Garda Síochánna failed to do their duty. You are the people too, don't forget.

we the people are sovereign

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