Thursday, 16 September 2010

Condemned to Repetition

History is “disappearing” from state schools as growing numbers of head teachers view it as a worthless subject, according to research.

Many secondary schools are squeezing existing three-year history courses into just two or merging the subject with geography to form generic “humanities” lessons, it was claimed.

Some schools are also preventing children from taking history GCSEs to steer them towards easier vocational qualifications.

The Historical Association, which made the disclosure in a survey of 600 schools, warned that the move risked seriously undermining children’s grasp of the past.

Some 16 per cent of teachers reported some form of “restriction” on subject choices, often making courses such as history out of bounds for low achieving pupils.

The proportion rose to 27 per cent among the Government’s flagship academies – independent state schools normally built in deprived areas.


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