Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Web Sheriff Down

The sustained Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks conducted by 4chan members against anti-piracy organizations continue with UK-based ACS:Law Solicitors becoming the new target.

The DDoS campaign is called “Operation Payback” and was started by members of the 4chan image board in retaliation to the actions of an Indian company paid by film studios to harass torrent sites.

The first attack was launched on Saturday against, the website of the Motion Picture Association of America, but after almost 24 hours of downtime, the target was switched to (the Recording Industry Association of America). (the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) was also hit and taken offline at about the same time, but this might have been caused by individuals acting on their own.

A similar attack was scheduled against (the British Phonographic Industry), but failed after the IRC channel used by the attackers to coordinate was hacked.

The latest target is ACS:Law Solicitors, a British law firm notorious for sending legal threats to Internet users suspected of copyright.

The company asks the alleged offenders to pay certain sums of money in order to avoid being taken to court, a method, which some people have argued is similar to blackmail.

"Whilst many companies offer anti-piracy measures, these are often costly and ineffective. Our approach is quite the opposite, it generates revenue for rights holders and effectively decreases copyright infringement in a measurable and sustainable way," ACS:Law boasts on its website.


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