Saturday, 1 January 2011

UFOs and NASA: The Meme Goes On

by Staff Report

Like a bad penny that keeps showing up, UFOs have been around on a regular basis from antiquity through modern day. And as 2010 unfolded, the UFO mythology was alive and well. Famed British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, the pope's astronomer, a high-ranking Italian politician and even the late Winston Churchill (according to recently unearthed documents) helped keep UFOs in the news. And sightings of unexplained flying objects came in from all over the world. – AOL News

Dominant Social Theme: It's all true – the UFOs are coming...even the experts say so.

Free-Market Analysis: This is a good UFO article. The idea, generally, in our view, is to sow confusion and provide elite authoritarian institutions with the opportunity to further emphasize their global roles. The fear factor, as AOL itself notes (without offering a larger explanation) was provided satisfactorily in 2010 by astrophysicist Stephen Hawking of England, who warned that extraterrestrial contact might not be satisfying or awe-inspiring but terribly dangerous.

Perhaps as a result, the AOL article continues the Czech Republic created "new guidelines" for dealing with potential alien contacts. Meanwhile, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, governor of Russia's Buddhist republic, Kalmykia, went public with the news he had been subject to an alien abduction but had later becomes pals. Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno spoke of baptizing them. Italy's Mario Borghezio has lobbied the European Union to publish hitherto hidden UFO documents.

Former Air Force Capt. Robert Salas revealed in press conferences that UFOs had somehow interacted with nuclear missiles. Former Air Force Col. Charles Halt related similar stories. These reports where then buttressed by predictions that UFOs would show up in the skies of New York, which they duly did on the predicted day – though some claimed they were merely a flock of helium balloons. UFO sightings were also made that same day in Texas, Virginia and China.

Britain was not immune to UFO fever. "UFO drills" educated young pupils on how to deal with a potential UFO crash-landing. Meanwhile, the publication of certain post-World War II, hush-hush documents explain that Prime Minister Churchill was reluctant to release certain UFO files so as not to frighten the public.


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