Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Puzzle Pieces by Sarah Martin

Here's the joy in figuring out what to do with all those random snippets of information we acquire through life.

Something I read or saw on a YouTube video seems to have provided me with vital insight. Some say there is evidence to suggest that monks shaved their heads to get high until the church's choice switched to wine. I'm inclined to agree with this as I've 'experienced' the anointing oil they are said to have used to speak with God. The imagination does not have to be stretched much does it? These Holy men were high. Plain and simple.

How could I apply this knowledge to my health? I have been trying to beat a lifelong sinus problem by massaging the oil into my face and neck, paying close attention to sinus tracks. I've also been massaging it directly into painful areas with startling results. When used on my neck and face it left me feeling high, suggesting that not only pain and spasm relief could be achieved by absorption through the skin.

For the past two nights, I have been soaking most of my head in some quite powerful anointing oil. Almost immediately, my sinuses relaxed and began to clear. The cannabis could be dealing with an infection or relaxing muscles or both. Who knows? We need science to jump in about here.

Cannabis massage/anoiting oil. Made to a recipe from Biblical times.

They are catching up, believe me.

The anointing oil on my head definitely had a positive effect on cognition and balance. I was talking more, making plans for the next day and beyond with ease. It was made all the easier by the fact that my body is also performing even better. Throughout this journey I have been asking myself if I'm doing the right thing. We all know cannabis has been around a while and killed nobody with it's toxicity. However, science has moved on and with it, it seems, the Human desire to experiment.


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