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Support Your Local Healer

paulagloria | 16 October 2010

At a time when the Rick Simpson story is being questioned by the very people who should support it and who should look more deeply into it and at a time when most all cannabis activist groups are not stressing freeing the marijuana prisoners (critical not only for a just society but for the good, not government regulated, oil) pockets of real activists are nourishing their communities and standing up to the brutal task forces which are an expression throughout the country of a blood economy and monopoly, a cruel system not based on access to all of critical resources, including but not limited to the world's oldest medicinal plant. Neither taxation nor regulation addresses any change or gives us any alternative to our present growth industries: (non) health care and prisons. Instead of the land of the free and home of the brave statistics clearly show another picture: We are a land of the enslaved, cowering and fearful to stand up and our great country is becoming the home of the ill running after groups that promise a change yet deliver no real cure or hope for one - just "be safe yourself and all else will eventually be set for blah bla blah" Stand up now for all the solutions are at hand needing only our will power to shift into a place we prefer for ourselves and all others of society.
Despite a minor win in court on October 13th 2010 Joseph Barton and his son Jay Debberman still want to appeal the judge's decision (which some feel is a victory as they were violated (AKA busted) with 47 pounds of pot and did not have to spend one day in jail). Nevertheless they still want to end the illegal and unconstitutional laws against non-violent people and allow access to the honorable profession of dealing to be available to anyone who can supply a GOOD CANCER CURING product, highly unlikely if government regulates it and continues to protect the pharmaceutical industry. We will then simply get the lousy parts of the plant ill prepared that will not produce the cure that is there with good pot and good preparation.
Even though the hippies of Woodstock are a tight group who look after their own and don't rat each other out, this victory will probably send the U.R.G.E.N.T. (Ulster Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team) into the ghettos to terrorize the low hanging fruit easier to run through the overburdened court and ever hungry prison system as they prey upon those who do not understand their rights in order to fill the new Ulster County prison just built.
This is dedicated to an activist who asked for copies of our signs in the hopes that he and others throughout the country will use them and video tape their efforts in communities throughout America....stand up to the shadows and watch them evaporate in the light. Email me at for your copies of these signs (and more) and don't forget to send us any footage for me to post on this channel to document the real will of the people!
(Send DVD copies I can load right into youtube)
The Concordia Foundation
26 Gramercy Park 7H
New York, NY 10003
Hopefully I will get a video from EssiacHempLaetrile holding one of our signs! ha-ha! wink wink
While you are at it donations are so very much needed and accepted with happiness.

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