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Cannabis Legal and Regulated in Spain for 2012 by PR Cannazine

This is amazing news..! Hopefully the domino effect will see all of Europe taking a softer stance on cannabis, pressurising Britain even more to relax its backwards cannabis laws! – Nuff

bilbao 024p Cannabis Legal and Regulated in Spain for 2012 by PR  Cannazine


Following news that Switzerland will permit its residents to grow 4 cannabis plants for personal consumption from January 1st 2012, The Basque Parliamant in Spain has followed suit. A new law bill will officially regulate the cultivation, sale and consumption of cannabis in the Basque region from 2012.

The Basque Region of Spain will regulate cannabis markets in 2012
Furthermore the Basque regions natonal health authority has denounced cannabis prohibition.

The leading health official in the region is Rafael Bengoa, who said “”We do not want to be prohibitionists”.
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“The consumption and possession of cannabis are regulated by the penal code and by the law on citizen security.”

“For the new ruling, for which technical and legal studies have been undertaken, the regional government wants to open a debate with associations in favour of consumption and to shape their rights”.
Jesus Maria Fernandez also works for the Basque Health Authority.

Mr Fernandez told reporters “It is better to regulate than to ban.”

“The consumption of cannabis is a practice that is already consolidated,” he concluded.

The Basque actions on cannabis are sure to fly in the face of America’s ‘absolutely no cannabis is good cannabis’ policy and once upon a time would have lead to sanctions being placed upon Spain.

Today however cannabis is so much a part of European life no one takes much notice of how it stands legally anymore.

But for the Basque region of Spain and its many cannabis social clubs its hoped this law change will put an end to the practice of kicking down the front doors of otherwise perfectly law-abiding citizens simply because they prefer cannabis over alcohol.

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