Thursday, 21 October 2010

Black Bloc in France

Violent anarchists in France who have spent the last week pointlessly smashing shop windows and setting fire to cars have “shot the protest movement in the foot” by demonizing legitimate union demonstrators and allowing the government to crackdown with paramilitary forces, according to a leading French labor expert.

...The riots have provided French President Sarkozy with the perfect justification to send in paramilitary forces to clear blockades at France’s fuel depots, and have also made his refusal to negotiate with unions look like a reasonable response.

It appears that most of the “anarchists” who have tagged themselves on to the genuine union protests are in fact a remnant of the immigrants from France’s Muslim ghettos who rioted back in 2005, violent demonstrations that were widely opposed by the majority of the French people.

During protests in Greece in 2008, police colluded with fascist groups to cause mayhem and violence that was used to justify tear gas and other brutality against genuine demonstrators.

As we have documented numerous times before, you can always count on the gangs of balaclava-wearing morons to ruin the credibility and effectiveness of any good protest.

Indeed, on many occasions their staged media stunts are often allowed to occur unimpeded by authorities to provide the press with images of gratuitous violence which can they be played endlessly and used to demonize legitimate protesters.

We have documented numerous different examples where the black bloc anarchists were completely infiltrated by the authorities to provide a pretext for a police state crackdown.

The union workers in France should immediately distance themselves from the actions of the self-proclaimed anarchists if they are to have any hope of success.

Every time a car is set alight or a shop window shattered, the state gets another opportunity to castigate the entire protest movement as a hoard of violent extremists, and with it meter out a more brutal and oppressive police response.


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