Friday, 15 October 2010

SQL Injection vs Blu-ray

A site run by the MPAA has become the most recent victim of cyber attacks being carried out by Anonymous., a site used to inform on copy protection and DRM on DVD and Blu-ray movie discs, now displays a missive from the anarchic group . After a few seconds it redirects visitors to the homepage of The Pirate Bay.

anonymousWhen it comes to taking direct action against groups engaging or promoting anti-piracy action it’s certainly been an eventful few weeks for the hordes of Anonymous.

Operation Payback began during the third week of September with DDoS assaults against the MPAA, RIAA and anti-piracy company AiPlex Software. Those attacks were later replicated against lawfirms engaging in ‘pay-up-or-else’ schemes.

While the DDoS attacks have been largely effective – most notably against the Ministry of Sound and the knock-on effects of the email leak at ACS:Law – they came so quickly that after a while most of the press found it hard to keep up, perhaps a little jaded by their frequency.

Today, however, the group – which does have some ringleaders and decision makers – have taken a slightly different track to further their protests. While earlier action has consisted largely of overwhelming force to swamp websites with traffic, their latest effort is a little more delicate. is a site owned by the MPAA and was set up to promote DRM on DVD and Blu-ray discs. It is hosted on a server containing a large number of other MPAA-linked sites and until a few hours ago looked like this:

Original site

Copy  Protect

It now looks like this:

Hacked site


“Site got haxed,” one of the Anonymous ring-leaders told TorrentFreak in an email. Indeed, instead of its pages promoting the ‘Copy Protection Awareness Icon’, it now displays a message from those behind Operation Payback. The page long missive accompanying the now-familiar logo seen above concludes:

“What must the people do to be heard? To what lengths must they go to have their pleads taken seriously? Must they to take to the streets with noose and handgun before those in power take notice?


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