Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Battery Rocks

ibrowze | 26 October 2010

Widescreen version with updated footage designed to see off the scaremongers who wish to bypass common sense with their destructive Option A. Falmouth was just a fantasy suggestion clearly designed to impose fear amongst the spineless sheeple who were mesmerised into believing Option A was the only viable plan on the table. DUUURGHH !!! Option A by the very nature of it's name clearly demonstrates that other options didn't get a look in. Option PZ+ has much to offer regarding redevelopment of the existing harbour however my humble opinion based on common sense favours Charlie Cartwright's ideas giving Trythall Shipping the 'X' factor. has a comprehensive rundown of the unfolding saga and is the crucial hub for those who do not wish to see the Holy Headland of Penzance abused in such an unnecessary fashion realising that the future of the Isles of Scilly link lies within the harbour walls.
Battery Rocks and it's bijou beach have plenty of support from those prepared to stand up against the corporate bullies who clearly have dollar signs whizzing around so fast in their eye sockets that they're likely to miss the boat. Buoyed up by the truly abusive and offensive nature of the oxymoronically entitled "True Friends of Penzance Harbour", journalists are havng a field day. It's time that everyone pulled together in the interests of the local inhabitants.

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