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from Coillte to Chemtrails

WeAreChangeEire | 02 October 2010

On Wednesday, 29th September some members of We Are Change, Ireland find themselves at the Dáil. What we found was certainly a sign of the times.

On that same morning, at 8am a man drove a concrete mixing truck with the words 'Toxic Bank' on the drum up to the gates of Leinster House, the seat of the Dáil (Irish Parlament). He also removed the plates and replaced them with plates saying 'Bankrupt'. It is alledged that he cemented up the doors and cut the cables before climbing out of the root of the truck. He was arrested following this, where he was brought and held in Pearse Street Garda Station. He was to appear in the District Court the following morning. Reports as to the outcome of this seem to be mixed. Some sources say that he was charged, others say he was remanded on bail to November 25 on condition he does not come to the unlawful attention of gardaí during that time. An application by gardaí that he be ordered to stay away from Anglo Irish Bank on St Stephen's Green in Dublin was not included in bail the conditions.

MadamK was on the scene to ask what people thought of the incident...

As the Government were just back from their summer recess, many groups and organisations were out some making protests and raising on many things from the overspending, to job cuts, unjust Laws that go against the Nature of God, the cruelty of the HSE, Coillte and chemtrails.

One woman in particular, Breda Murphy chained herself to the gate of the Dáil as she has had enough of the heavy chemtrailing in her area. See resources below for more info on chemtrails.

Watching the reaction on the streets, as the New World Order edges ever closer in their plan it is only a matter of time before they wake up to the lies, deceipt and corruption that is taking place right under their noses. As people see that it is us that gives life to all systems, and how this system is not out for our benefit or the benefit of the future generations we, as a collective whole edge ever closer to waking up from our slumber...

See full article here:
For addition information on Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, the phonomena known as chemtrailing Google 'Chemtrails' and see the resources provided below:

What in the World are the Spraying -- Trailer:

A March 2010 paper entitled 'The Regulation of Geoengineering', by the UK House of Commons Science and Technology committee. From the summary:
Geoengineering describes activities specifically and deliberately designed to effect a change in the global climate with the aim of minimising or reversing anthropogenic (that is human caused) climate change. Geoengineering covers many techniques and technologies but splits into two broad categories: those that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere such as sequestering and locking carbon dioxide in geological formations; and those that reflect solar radiation. Techniques in this category include the injection of sulphate aerosols into the stratosphere to mimic the cooling effect caused by large volcanic eruptions.

A patent granted to Hughes Aircraft company in 1991 titled ''Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming''
From the patent:
One proposed solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles. One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.

The metals named in the patent include, but are not limited to, aluminium and thorium.

An April 21st 2002 Guardian article4 entitled 'Millions were in germ tests'.

Some satellite pictures from April 2010 showing Ireland and the UK
April 10th 2010

April 21st 2010

Discussion on Tír Na Saor -- "All the evidence we need on Chemtrails: UK Parliament promotes gen-engineering, spraying the skies."

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