Thursday, 22 December 2011

your choice

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Your Choice

Teachers teach us nothing that we need to know
Scientific preachers, repeating lies without enquiry, without investigation
Testing you at every chance they get
Filling your mind with more bullshit
Now I believe, in evolution
But what we've got here is devolution
Ignorance is our worst disease
It is an infection, spread through the TV with no protection
Yes it's the television that is our own worst enemy
You are a slave to it, work and money, you ain't free

Now you are a slave, not because you forced to be
But because you choose to be
Because it is convenient to let other people make that choice for you
Look at what you have got to loose
If you stop paying taxes
They will take your house and car away from you
It's not because you want them too
But it's because you let them do what they do when they come for you
Because you don't have an education
You've been indoctrinated
For the sole purpose to control the nation
They control you through fear and manipulation
Spinning out lie after lie in the news for provocation
They provoke you into acts of fear
Which then leads to violence
But here's the revelation

I adhere to my heart, and my heart says to me
That we are all born equal
And no one has authority over me
I never consented to be a part of society
So no statute and act has power over me
We belong to the land, it don't belong to you and me
If you wanna be free, you have to give up all possessions
Because you don't own them, they own you
Keep you down where you don't wanna be
Locked in a prison of confusion, it's just an illusion
But if you look to deep
You are met by animosity
By the very slaves that think they are free
The very slaves that laugh at me
But it don't bother me
Because I'm not the one stuck in a job I hate, just to make ends meet

If you really and truly want to be free
Go and have a look in a Black Law Dictionary
And look up words like 'statute' and person' and 'society'
And realise, it's just a choice to be a slave, and you can choose to be free
You can choose to turn off the television
You can choose not to vote for the corrupt politicians
You can choose not to fight their wars
That are created to steal the natural resources from the poor
You can choose to stand up and speak out
You can choose love over fear without a doubt
The choice is yours

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