Thursday, 15 December 2011


The occupy movement seems to be gaining momentum and is moving in the right direction. In America there has been a campaign to occupy the ports, and though they have been evicted from the Wall Street site they are planning to re-occupy it with Occupy 2. In London there has been the occupation of the UBS building and the forming of the “Bank of Ideas”.

The occupy movement has to grow or it dies and the only way for it to grow is to branch out and bring the idea to a greater number of people. The occupying of the ports in America is widening the range of influence and allowing a greater number of people to become involved. The London “Bank of Ideas” again will involve a greater range of people and will widen the idea of occupation as a tool of change, rather than sitting in one spot in some symbolic action.

The work places, distribution and the streets should belong to the people, only then will we have justice.

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