Sunday, 3 July 2011

the Heat is ON, willy

Sun Jul 3, 2011

Anti-monarchy demonstrations have been staged in the Canadian city of Montreal upon the arrival of the newly-wed English Royal couple.

The demonstrations, held on Saturday, forced Prince William and his wife, Catherine to swiftly enter the Saint-Justine Pediatric Hospital.

The protesters showed their anti-royal sentiments to the couple, calling for their return to Britain.

The protesters chanted, “Parasites go home!” and “We will never bend, Willy go home” and “Down with the Monarchy.”

“The monarchy is an obsolete institution, anti-democratic and sexist, and Quebec wants none of it”, Mario Beaulieu, a Professor at La Cité collégiale, said.

Furthermore, the Cap sur l’indépendance Network issued a statement addressing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as representatives of the British monarchy, expressing the desire of the majority of Quebec residents to abolish the monarchy.

“As representatives of the British Crown, your visit in Quebec is not welcome. It reminds us of the history of destruction and despicable acts which your institution perpetrated against our nation,” the statement said.

“The institution that you represent costs us approximately USD 10 million per year. We finance our own subordination to the Canadian nation. Recent surveys have shown that a vast majority of Quebecers wish to abolish the institutions inherited from the monarchy and to cut links completely with the British Crown,” it added.

The statement further enumerated some of the abuses and acts of injustice perpetrated by the British Crown against the Quebeckers.

“In 1755, more than 12,500 Acadians, out of a total population of 15,000, were deported by order of the British Crown. Between 7,500 and 9,000 died trying to escape or following their exile.”

“You have graciously recognized in 2003 the ‘human tragedy of the deportation’, through your Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson. You recognized it, but never apologized for it or repair the immense damages made. This violence persisted with the Patriot movement that you bloodily repressed in 1837-38.”

Anti-monarchy demonstrations are not unprecedented in the history of Quebec. Pro-independence rallies were held against the Queen in 1964 and eggs were hurled at Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, as they visited Montreal in 2009.

More protests have been organized for Sunday as the royal couple plan to attend a ceremony in Quebec City.

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