Wednesday, 8 December 2010

RE-imagine by TRILLION feat Andy Gibson

30 years ago today (8th dec), John Lennon was murdered by the CIA. I remember it clearly, i was 8 years old - i was really upset, and i collected all the newspaper articles about it. I also remember my dad drawing me a picture of John Lennon for my 7th or 8th birthday. I have been a beatles fan ever since i could put a record onto a record player...

this song came about after imagining a new version of 'imagine' with updated modern verses... i couldn't think of anything because 'imagine' is still so relevant and already ticks all the boxes, so i just imagined people singing 'imagine' again... enjoy.

this song features the awesome Andy Gibson:
who also has a new album out here:

and contains a sample from 'I Am Love' by Global Chant, seen here:

listen/download/buy a better version of the song here:

thank you!

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