Thursday, 16 October 2014

Glastonbury Town Hall seized under article 61 Magna Carter invoked in 2001by 25 Barons

14th October 2014
We successfully siezed the town hall in Glastonbury this evening after a heated council meeting. Police later arrived and then left agreeing that we were doing nothing unlawful, six of them attended the scene.

We could have remained there without a problem but we would have inconvenienced the kindly caretaker, so we decided to leave of our own volition. It was all video's so it will be uploaded later.

Article 61 works and all we need to do is use it peacefully. I have demanded an interview with the local police inspector which has been logged by our cameras and by the police. He has been ignoring my emails and failed to pass out the information to his constables that I sent him about Article 61 and the nice treaty, when he faithfully promised to do so.

Thanks to the half dozen or so people who bothered to turn up and assist in the seizure you are truly my brothers and sisters, namaste

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