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A short film by Tracy R. Twyman, featuring Stefan Molyneux of Original interview with Twyman & Molyneux from October 16th here: Check out for more from Tracy R. Twyman.

Other Sources used: Prelinger Archives (Government-Sponsored Educational Films):
• The Bully, Centron Productions, 1952
• Why We Respect the Law, Coronet Instructional Films, 1950
• Powers of Congress, Coronet Instructional Films, 1947
• Banks and Credit, Coronet Instructional Films, 1948
• Capitalism, Coronet Instructional Films, 1948
• Behind the Freedom Curtain, Automatic Voting Machine Company, 1957

Fair Use News Clips:
• WCBV-TV News, June 18, 2007: "Tax Evaders Say They Won't Surrender" in Boston, Massachusetts:
• WFIE News 14, November 16, 2007: FBI Raids on the Liberty Dollar in Evansville, Indiana:

Other Creative Commons Licensed/Public Domain Sources:
• Richter, Hans, Inflation, 1928
•, Police Brutality in Savannah, Georgia, March 21, 2011:
• Wikileaks, Collateral Murder, 2010
• British Government Public Information Films, Central Office of Information for Ministry of Education, Charley Junior's School Days, 1949

• Vangelis, "12 O'Clock," from Heaven & Hell, 1975, re-issued 1997, Windham Hill Records.

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