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UK Police State 101 - Continuity of Government

If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." - Samuel Adams

Philip Brennan | | 25 November 2010:

This is probably going to be the hardest article I have ever had to write. The piece I wrote yesterday about America falling into Hot Tyranny was hard enough to write, even though it was from the outside looking in, but it is even harder when you have to write about your own country falling into Hot Tyranny. It is a shock to the system to realise that everything that has been planned and put into place in the United States has also been implemented here, only, our Criminal Government is a lot better at hiding their plans from Joe Bloggs than the American Administration.

They're better at hiding things than the American government, but not good enough to keep it completely secret, as this post will demonstrate. The information I present here has been secretly brought to my attention by many true British Patriots, some of them risking arrest in getting it, and I am grateful for their efforts. I, too, may be arrested for putting this Intelligence out there, but the time for being silent about the Police State being erected all around us is long gone:

"Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you
Ye are many - they are few."

Percy Bysshe Shelly

Firstly, I need to bring your attention to European and NATO-wide Continuity of Government plans. Any American Patriots reading this will know all about Rex 84 and the Continuity of Government (CoG) plans made by the American Administration, but what is not commonly known is that the Treasonous United Kingdom Government also have very similar plans in place.

The Defence Contribution to Resilience document is only the beginning of the CoG plans laid out in the event of Civil Disobedience or Civil War, but in it you will find links to all the other documents within the appendices. I had to file a Freedom of Information Act Request to get my mitts on it, and many questions within the FOIR were not answered - the Ministry of Defence deliberately played dumb even though I was using the strictest military terms in describing what I was talking about. If they cannot openly lie, they obfuscate.

Those who believe that the Government would never use the military against us had better take note of recent developments in Maidstone and Medway - The Provost Military Police from 36 Royal Engineers Regiment will be patrolling the streets with the Civilian Police in order to acclimatise us all to a Military Police presence on British streets. It is being piloted in Garrison towns (towns with army barracks within), but later it will be rolled out throughout the United Kingdom. This is to get the United Kingdom ready for Martial Law.

Northern Ireland is already used to seeing armed soldiers on her streets due to the Northern Irish Troubles. What most people do not know is that this was a Forty Year False Flag Terrorism Operation perpetrated against us by our own government. MI6 ran the Provisional Council of the Irish Republican Army (PIRA) and INLA while MI5 ran the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), Ulster Defence Association (UDA) and Ulster Freedom Force (UFF). Martin McGuinness of Sinn Fein, formerly of the PIRA Londonderry Bogside Brigade and PIRA Quartermaster, is also a confirmed MI6 Operative. We also suspect that Gerry Adams is an MI6 Operative as well. The PIRA splinter group, the Real IRA, is currently being run by MI5. MI6 is too busy putting questions to torture victims to be running a Northern Irish paramilitary group.

Upon finding out that the Military Police are about to be patrolling our streets, I wrote An Open Letter to Serving British Military Personnel laying out exactly why they were being ordered to police civilians, and linking it all back to the American CoG plans. I hope and pray that enough read it and fully understand it to make a difference. Only time will tell.

And I am not even scratching the surface of what I have to tell you. I could get killed for this.

In an earlier Freedom of Information Act request, I asked for details about 15 RAF bases that have been flagged up by British and American Patriots as Mass Detention Centres in a CoG situation. This FOIR seems to have got lost in the system, but it has been picked up by someone in the MoD and I should get an answer from them shortly, although I suspect that it will be a flat denial or another obfuscation. I will repeat these sites here for your benefit:

  • RAF Alconbury - Cambridgeshire (Joint Analysis Centre)
  • RAF Molesworth - Cambridgeshire (JAC with Alconbury)
  • RAF Brize Norton - Gloucestershire
  • RAF Fairford - Gloucestershire
  • RAF Driffield - East Yorkshire
  • RAF Feltwell - Norfolk
  • RAF Greenham Common - Berkshire
  • RAF Hemswell - Wakefield
  • RAF Lakenheath - (US Base) Suffolk
  • RAF Mildenhall - (US Base) Suffolk
  • RAF Marham - Lincolnshire
  • RAF North Luffenham - Rutland
  • RAF Upper Heyford - Oxfordshire
  • RAF Fylingdales Moor - North Yorkshire
  • Holy Loch - Dunoon Argyll Scotland


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