Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Spy Smear FAIL

Helen Carter and Richard Norton-Taylor
Sunday 29 August 2010

Further questions have been raised over the death of an MI6 officer after police confirmed that reports of bondage equipment found at his flat and a “ritualistic” arrangement of his possessions were untrue.

The body of Gareth Williams was found stuffed in a bag in the bath of an MI6 safehouse in Pimlico, south London, a week ago. Reports have said there was evidence of a break-in, and that sim cards containing the numbers of gay escorts were found at the flat, but police who found the body told Channel 4 News it was “a neat job”, leading to speculation that Williams was killed in a professional hit.

The police and security services seem to disagree over precisely what led to Williams’ death, with Whitehall sources maintaining that his death was “more to do with his private life than his job”.

Claims that 31-year-old Williams was secretly gay appear to be wrong, according to the original police dispatch seen by Channel 4. His family claim Williams has been the victim of a smear campaign to deflect attention from his work within the intelligence service. He is thought to have played a role in gathering intelligence as a code-cracker or cipher, and was seconded to MI6 from GCHQ.

Contrary to some reports, three mobile phone sim cards found in the flat were not arranged in a “ritualistic” manner, a Metropolitan police spokesman told the Guardian.


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