Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Wow, is that really our global future - AN END TO MARKETING?

Of course that's our Global Future.

More and more people are coming to the understanding that if there are no State or Private trade secrets to protect you don't need to be sold something 'you might not need'.

MARKETING is defined as "the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising."

Well, if there's NOTHING TO SELL to the 'punter' on a Free Planet, what's the point in employing people to market 'some inferior product' to them for private profit?

Absolutely none.

And we can extrude this out of the incestuous Buyer/Seller back-bedroom into the open sewer of DOGMAS and DOCTRINES.

No longer will 'supposed' organised religion be able to hammer home their insane theories of how their corporate world should work in the classrooms of the mind-crippled masses, the god-carroted donkeys of social programming.

No longer will politicians be able to spend barrowloads of (their own or others') money to make their 'election' as ruler appear somehow worthwhile.

No longer will ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH and UNETHICAL products, gadgets and quantum technological advances (i.e. a miniscule update rather than real advancement) be shoved down the punter's throat every three years of every human's life.

So, in the Free Planet future, you will not be looking through a tiny window slit of screen acrage left by the infiltration of insidious online advertisement strategies - whatever th'Internet physically becomes, and I say this with a northern accent - th-Internet will be a full-screen virtuality of Creativity, Passion and Kinship as it was always intended to be. A place where TRUTHs are SHAREd with YOU THE PEOPLE.

In our Free Planet future, there will be no Commercial Competition to Maximise Return and no Commercial Advantage from Corporate Espionage in the name of Patent/Copyright Protection. There will only be that desire, that personal empowerment, to "Do right by Free Planet," and (together, as seven billion sovereign individuals) make this profit-ruined homeworld a better place. Get rid of marketing and you get rid of the desire to constantly out-Jones the Joneses.

It's dead simple, really.

...until then, here's Bill with a little suggestion to start the ball rolling...

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