Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Treason Files: Common Purpose


An overview of Common Purpose, an agency designed to bypass our democratic systems in order to consolodate power into the hands of the few, through fifth column methods.

Philip Brennan | | 29 August 2011:

A lot of mystery surrounds this group, but the more we discover about their mandate and methods, the more they reveal themselves to be a Fifth Column Communitarian Apparatchik of the European Union. I am not exaggerating or using hyperbole when I describe them thus - they really are a major threat to our democratic institutions.

A lot of investigative work has already been done by Brian Gerrish of the UK Column / British Constitution Group and others, and the web site is a mine of information. From their web site:

"...Common Purpose is a political charity using Behavioural Modification

Common Purpose (CP) is a Charity, based in Great Britain, which creates ‘Future Leaders’ of society. CP selects individuals and ‘trains’ them to learn how society works, who 'pulls the levers of power' and how CP ‘graduates’ can use this knowledge to lead 'Outside Authority’.

Children, teenagers and adults have their prejudices removed. Graduates are ‘empowered’ to become ‘Leaders’ and work in ‘partnership’ with other CP graduates. CP claims to have trained some 30,000 adult graduates in UK and changed the lives of some 80,000 people, including schoolchildren and young people.

But evidence shows that Common Purpose is rather more than a Charity ‘empowering' people and communities’. In fact, CP is an elitest pro-EU political organisation helping to replace democracy in UK, and worldwide, with CP chosen ‘elite’ leaders. In truth, their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and are threatening ‘free will’ in adults, teenagers and children. Their work is funded by public money and big business, including international banks.

It is important for researchers on this site to realise that the majority of Common Purpose 'graduates' are victims, who have little if any understanding of the wider role of Common Purpose within UK society, nor of its connections to higher government and the European Union. Drawn into CP training by a flattering invitation, or selected by their company or organisation, this recruitment is normally carried out by a previously trained CP person - now recruiting for the cause. Candidates are screened and selected (or rejected) by CP Advisory Board members in their area..." [Emphasis mine]

The vast majority of the "Graduates" of Common Purpose have no idea that they are being used by this group to enable treason to be committed, having been reframed by Neural-Linguistic Programming and other methods similar to that which a religious or corporate cult would use. Ex-Cult has a lot to say about these methods, and when you compare the training methods employed by Common Purpose to the recruiting methods of cults, you will see no real difference between them.

What is particularly disturbing about this group is that a large member of their recruits are from senior levels of the police, the military, the judiciary, local councils, and civil service. They have even heavily infiltrated the BBC and other media outlets. When you examine their buzzword, "Leading Outside of Authority", and all that this entails then you can understand what a great threat they are to the democratic institutions of our nation.

Common Purpose are well aware of our investigations into their activities, and instead of being open and answering the many questions we have about them, they have gone out of their way to get web sites exposing them taken down and have instructed their Graduates within key organisations to block any Freedom of Information Act Requests [FOIR] concerning them - which is certainly asking their Graduates to "Lead Outside of Authority".

Common Purpose also operates under Chatham House Rules, which means that they publish no public minutes of their meetings and discussions. Also, they circumvent the laws around publishing membership lists of Charities by calling all their members "Graduates", even though they are technically members of the organisation.

I am of the opinion that we have enough evidence against Common Purpose to consider them a Fifth Column group which should be either proscribed by law, or disrupted by every peaceful and lawful means at our disposal.

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