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So This Is Why I’m Not Fat – Cannabis Could Be Used To Tread Obesity-Related Diseases

561136 10151975332855038 722157767 n So This Is Why Im Not Fat   Cannabis Could Be Used To Tread Obesity Related DiseasesI have smoked cannabis for 5 and a half years now, and during that time I’ve eaten a lot of takeaways and fast food. I’m one of those people that eats quite (ok very) unhealthily, yet manages to somehow not put on weight.

Both myself and most people around me have commented at one point or another that they don’t know how I’m not fat from the amount of shit that I eat, and I always wondered.. Until now.

The Telegraph recently reported that scientists have found that compounds (I’m assuming cannabinoids) found in cannabis can increase the amount of energy that the body burns. As I smoke a lot of chronic, I am pretty sure that it is helping to speed up my metabolism, quite possibly to counterbalance those extra calories I consume during “The Munchies”.

Now OK prohibitionists, this might not be good for those in third world countries where food is harder to come by, but over here in Western society we have a lot of fat people. People who could probably use burning off a bit of excess energy.

Anyway, The Telegraph reports that: “Test in animals have already shown the compounds can help treat type two diabetes while also helping to reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood stream and fat in key organs like the liver

And guess who is behind this development? G.W Pharmaceuticals. With their government-approved status we are learning more and more about this amazing plant. The Telegraph says “They are now conducting clinical trials in 200 patients in the hope of producing a drug that can be used to treat patients suffering from “metabolic syndrome”, where diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity combine to increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

We discover more and more wonderful medicinal uses for cannabis everyday. Just how many remain locked inside unexplored cannabinoids? We shall see over the next few years as more and more studies are done into the cannabis plant.

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