Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fears over fluoride plans in England and Wales

Daily Mail

Ministers have triggered a major health row by unveiling plans to allow fluoride to be added to all drinking water in England and Wales.

Water companies will be forced to add fluoride if local health authorities order it, despite controversy over the long-term effects on health, the Government confirmed.

The authorities will have to demonstrate that the local population broadly supports such a move, which is designed to reduce dental decay.

But campaigners said they feared fluoridation would be given the green light in many parts of the country after minimal public consultation.

The policy will infuriate environmentalists and consumer groups.

Some believe fluoridation has links to cancer, Down’s syndrome, infant mortality and bone damage.

Up to half of those drinking fluoridated water also suffer ‘dental fluorosis’ – a mottling of the teeth thought to be caused by its effects. Read more…

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